xTool Smart

Desktop Laser Cutters


Give your students and teachers more
flexibility and support their creativity

How can the xTool laser cutters
contribute to your classroom?

Active learning

The xTool laser machines support a hands-on learning experience as students play an active role in the in the utilization of the laser technology for fabrication.

Both individual and collaborative work

The xTool laser cutters allow students to create their own ideas, either individually or by collaborating in groups, to come up with their designs and solutions.

Non-linear/creative learning path

The laser cutting and engraving capabilities of the xTool machines offer an area of exploration for students to follow their own learning path in the process of creation, while minimizing the complexity of the fabrication process. The possibilities open up even more when they use the laser cutters in combination with other tools like robots or electronic components.

A tool for teachers as well

The laser cutters provide the ability to create and customize classroom resources in a flexible, quick, and convenient way. They represent significant costs savings over time compared to outsourcing, and they are significantly faster than 3D printing.

xTool M1

Entry-level diode laser cutter

Enhanced with blade-cutting capability


xTool S1

Advanced diode laser cutter

Precise work positioning without a camera


xTool P2

High power CO2 laser

High productivity

Wide arrange of materials

Class 1 laser-safety-rating machines

Which xTool laser cutter is best for your school?

xTool M1
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xTool P2
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xTool S1
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Class 1 Laser safety ratingYesYesYes
Production capacity★★
(10W, 400mm/s)
(40W, 600mm/s)
(55W, 600mm/s)
Work area volume (W x L x H)★★★★
Max cutting thickness★★
Materials it can processBasic materials* plus metal (engraving), vinyl and PVC foilsBasic materials* plus metal (engraving)Basic materials* plus transparent acrylic and glass (engraving)
Positioning systemSingle smart cameraMaual laser area markingDual smart cameras
Special featuresBlade cuttingCurved surface engraving, exchangeable laser moduleCurved surface engraving
XCS software for beginners & expertsYesYesYes
Compatible with Lightburn softwareYesYesYes
Basic maintenance by end usersCleaning, lubricate guidesCleaning, lubricate guidesCleaning, lubricate guides
(9.8 kgs)
(20 kgs)
(45 kgs)

*Basic materials include plywood, wood, some MDFs, cardboard, opaque acrylic, leather, fabric, ceramics (engraving), stone (engraving).

xTool Creative Space (XCS)

All-around software for designing, editing,
laser processing and control of the xTool laser cutters

XCS allows you to start with ease and confidence, with features such as one-click operations, tracing of bitmaps into vectors, an Intelligent Processing Path Algorithm, compatibility with files in different formats, step-by-step tutorials, and more.

XCS can be used offline and it’s compatible with Windows and Mac operative systems.

XCS is free!

 XCS for Windows


Educational Support

The xTool laser machines accompanied with different resources to help teachers and schools make use of them with the students.

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Educational Activites

Guided exercises reflecting real-world scenarios to carry out with students in the class.

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Teacher Training

Reach out to one of our partners near you and receive quality training to develop your skills in STEAM education.

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User Manual

Find out more details about the xTool laser cutters, how to use it, and also about XCS, the specialized software for xTool machines.

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