Pedagogical Approach

Early Childhood Education builds the foundation for lifelong learning, wellbeing and preparation for primary education. It focuses on the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development needs of young students. Social emotional development is one of the key development points for the early years. Positive experiences in their interactions plays a big role in a healthy social and emotional development.

Makeblock Education’s Early Learning utilizes the basic application of coding through play, to develop curiosity, imagination, cognitive abilities as well as promoting social and emotional development. Lessons allow for the exploration of the topic in a collaborative and communicative environment.


by Prof. Dr. Howard Gardner Harvard University 

mTiny was designed with the Theory of Multiple Intelligences in mind. Logical thinking and problem-solving skills can be developed through interactive games that truly engage young children at the level and pace they are capable of.

Early Childhood Education Robot

mTiny is an early education robot, with a tap pen controller, which brings computer programming into children’s lives. Coding cards and various
interactive-themed maps guide the child through exploration, spacial perception and creativity using highly interactive, stimulating and fun group games.

Tangible programming

Screen-free, tangible programming introduces the youngest of students to the world of programming through device-free coding cards and themed maps. Students immerse themselves in programming, creating algorithms in a step-by-step process while developing their problem-solving and computational thinking skills to solve the task and reach their goal.

Social emotional skills

mTiny is an extremely interactive educational tool for the development of social and emotional skills, which uses its diverse personality to engage with the student through sound, motion, light and very expressive eyes.

mTiny Discover Kit

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The mTiny Discover Kit is based on the 3-6 year olds’ learning and development guide and Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory.

The kit integrates diversified knowledge, enriches children’s learning experience in games, pioneers point-and-click physical programming, stimulates children’s interest in active exploration and self-directed learning, and exercises children’s ability to identify, analyze and solve problems. The entire set of early childhood education solutions is designed to cultivate children’s creative and integrative thinking and develop their lifelong learning abilities.

mTiny coding cards

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mTiny markers

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My Town and Grassland map pack

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mTiny World and Treasure map pack

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