Pedagogical Approach

Primary education is the first formal step in preparing students for their future. Students acquire key skills like literacy, numeracy, and basic science. Additional skills that are deemed essential are digital, social and civic skills.

Makeblock Education’s Primary Education Solution is designed to build students’ interest in STEAM topics, cultivate their skills through project based learning, collaboration skills and enhance their analytical problem-solving skills. Computational thinking continues to be a key element with integration of the four key skills; decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithms.

Block-based Programming

Makeblock’s mBlock 5 is a one-stop programming platform designed for STEAM education for all ages and levels. It supports both block-based and textual programming languages. Switching from block-based programming to Python or Arduino C is just one click away. mBlock is compatible with a wide range of programmable hardware. This is supported by a multitude of extensions opening up the way to trending topics in education such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. mBlock is ideal for learning the basics of programming in primary education through intuitive and easy to understand block-based programming.

Block-Based Programming

With an easy-to-use drag-n-drop block-based programming language to help students understand the key concepts of programming.

Designed explicitly for learning programming concepts, mBlock allows learners to drag and drop the code blocks, making programming as intuitive and straightforward as playing with building blocks.

Coding with Hardware

The Codey Rocky is programmable with the block-based and python languages. Block-based programming is a language especially developed to learn and practice the basics of programming by dragging and dropping blocks. It is great for young learners to start their coding journey. mBlock facilitates a transition from block-based to text-based programming through a live split-screen feature.

Hardware Learning Tools

Codey Rocky

Codey Rocky is an easy to start with robot for learning computer science and technology and 21st century skills. Start programming right out of the box, no building required. Codey Rocky supports block-based and Python programming as well as cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Makeblock Neuron Platform

Neuron is a platform of programmable electronic building blocks suitable for easy creation and intuitive programming. The platform contains different over 30 electronic sensors and actuators. Each Neuron block has a preprogrammed function and can be used without programming. In addition, the blocks connect together with a sure-fire magnetic pogo-pin system. Neuron can be programmed with flow-based programming in the Neuron app and block-based in mBlock 5.


The extensive range of lesson plans accompanying our software and hardware solutions challenges students of all different educational levels to be creative and hands-on. Designed for STEAM education and starting your programming journey. The lesson material for upper primary education focusses on learning how to program in the Sprite environment and with easy to build or ready to program robotics.

Education Solutions

Makeblock Education strives to deliver solutions that foster a growth mindset for the next generation by developing 21st century skills in students around the world. Our continuum of education solutions is suitable for all ages and levels.

The education solutions for upper primary are ideal for STEAM education, developing 21st century skills and are compatible with block-based programming. Explore Makeblock’s education solutions for upper primary education below.

– P1030093 –

Codey Rocky
Bluetooth Dongle Edition
9 Language

– P1030046 –

Codey Rocky
Education Pack
6 Robots


Makeblock Neuron
Creative Lab Kit 2.0

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