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mTiny Discover Kit

SKU: P1030157

Recommended Price: US$179.00 ex. VAT

Introduce computer science and 21st century skills such critical thinking and communication to your early education classroom with mTiny Discover. mTiny Discover is suitable for learning social-emotional skills, linguistics, mathematics and much more. Students will practice their logical thinking and problem-solving skills through interactive, screen-free lessons developed to meet the specific needs of young learners. mTiny Discover will engage your students with a fun, unique experience that includes a panda robot, a tap pen controller, interactive maps, coding cards, and the ability to draw and make music. With the mTiny Discover you are ready to start teaching with the Getting Started Guide and easy set-up instructions directly out of the box.

Key Features


Teach early computer science and 21st century skills through the coding cards and Tap Pen Controller – no screens required!

Social Emotional

Develop social emotional skills in your students through them interacting with a panda robot that expresses itself through sound, motion, and its big eyes.


Suitable for teaching and practicing linguistics, mathematics, special awareness and much more.

Programming mTiny

Teach basic computer science skills through an assortment of coding cards. Simply use the tap pen controller to read the cards, and mTiny will react based on the input. The coding cards closely resemble block-based coding. No screens are required to use mTiny Discover.

Teacher Resources

Through our partnership with Eduscape, a premier curriculum and professional development organization, mTiny Discover curriculum covers the New York State social emotional learning standards. In addition, mTiny also covers the basics of the four cornerstones of computational thinking: Algorithmic thinking, Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, and Abstraction.

Teacher Resources

User Manual

Professional Development

Getting Started Activities

Technical Specifications

Distance range within 10m (in open areas)
Map piece size 196x186mm (special scenario themed piece x 4
186x186mm(ordinary scenario themed piece x 20
Ages 4 +
Battery time 2.5h


Battery 1800mAh Li-Po
Input voltage 5V
Input current 1.5A
Output encoder motor x 2/1.5W Hi-Fi speaker/LCD
equipment eyes x 2/RGB LED x 8
Sensors OID sensor/6-axis motion sensor
Communication 2.4G Hz wireless

Tap pen controller

Battery 300mAh Li-Po
Input voltage 5V
Input current 270mA
Major OID sensor/6-axis motion sensor/double-axis
joystick/button x 2/LED indicator x 6
Communication 2.4GHz wireless