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Early Learning

Research shows that successful early childhood education focuses on learning through play. Teaching should meet the physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional, and social needs of children. Makeblock Early Learning Solutions are designed to inspire children’s curiosity and imagination through coding, cultivating their emotional intelligence through play. This enables kids to adapt to classroom environments.

Primary Education

Primary education is the first stage of formal education. Primary school teachers encourage creativity and help children acquire literacy, numeracy, and communication skills. This can be implemented through a variety of activities. Makeblock’s Primary Education Solutions are designed to build children’s interest in science, cultivate their skills through coding projects, enrich their vocabulary, and enhance their analytical problem-solving skills.

Secondary Education

Secondary education is responsible for promoting students’ development in adolescence, the most rapid phase of physical, mental, and emotional growth. Secondary education includes the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. Makeblock Secondary Education Solutions are designed to develop students’ higher-order thinking and coding skills. It includes well-equipped teaching resources and elaborate programming projects.

STEAM Education at McKinley Elementary School

Keeping students engaged, learning, and having fun is no easy task. The Makeblock Team visits Maria Morgana, Technology Teacher at McKinley Elementary School in North Bergen New Jersey, to see how she makes a lasting impact on her students. Hear first hand from students at McKinley who have seen their school transform into an inspiring place to learn. See how bringing Makeblock’s STEAM Solutions into the classroom brightened and motivated not only the students, but the entire school. 

Follow along this three part series to dive into McKinley School’s Case Study. Don’t forget to fill out the form to receive a copy of our written case study to print, share, or save for later!

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STEAM Case Studies

Our mission is to help everyone learn the essential skills of coding and critical thinking. The case studies that we offer on this page provides insight into how to hold STEAM courses, how to design your own courses in six easy steps, and even how to engage parents in their childrens’ science and technology education.


All of Makeblock’s educational solutions come with curricula specially designed for our hardware (mBot, Codey Rocky, etc.) and software solutions (mBlock, etc.) and tailored for age groups from children in kindergarten, through primary to secondary school, across subjects including coding and robotics. Common to all of them is a focus on making education fun and engaging through hands-on projects where students solve problems, build solutions, and see their projects come to life in the real world.

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Used by more than 8 million teachers, learners, and makers around the globe, mBlock stands out as the standard software for coding and creation in the physical world. This block-based programming software is designed for use in STEAM education.

MakeX Robotics Competition

MakeX is a robotics competition platform that promotes multidisciplinary learning within the fields of science and technology. It aims at building a world where STEAM education is highly appreciated and where young people are passionate about innovation by engaging them in exciting Robotics Competition, STEAM Carnival, etc.

As the core activity of MakeX, the namesake MakeX Robotics Competition provides exciting, challenging and high-level competitions in the spirit of creativity, teamwork, fun, and sharing. It is committed to inspiring young people to learn Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E), Art (A) and Mathematics (M) and apply such knowledge in solving real-world problems.

 Makeblock Education Worldwide

Makeblock brings STEAM education to children through its widespread use in classrooms, homes, and maker-spaces. Our products are used in more than 25,000 schools around the world, as well as by families for at-home STEAM education.

Mainland China

Makeblock has provided Makerspace Solutions for over 5000 schools in China, and has been collaborating with eudcation authorities and schools to jointly promote STEAM education.

Hongkong, China

More than half of primary and secondary schools are using Makeblock’s STEAM education solutions. 200 Makeblock themed workshops and robotics competitions took place in 2017.

The United States

Makeblock has established partnerships with several renowned universities, such as University of Utah, Boston College, and Florida International School. Makeblock has been introduced to more than 1000 elementary and middle schools.


The French Publishing House and Makeblock has published textbooks from 3rd to 9th grade. This curriculum is used in 6000 schools and focuses on robotics and programming. Makeblock also supply training materials to leran new concepts of robotics.


In 2017, Makeblock has reached strategic cooperation agreement with Softbank C&S, one of Japan’s largest distributing channel partners. Texbooks designed based on Makeblock’s products have been published in cooperation with local publishers.


ROBOMATH, the national robot competition hosted by the Mexican government, has attracted more than 30000 student participants nationwide. In one of the most important provinces Jalisco, Makeblock is the only designated euipment supplier.


More than 500 schools with over 8000 students are using Makeblock’s STEAM education solution.