Who we are looking for

Native translators: To translate the texts of Makeblock software products into your native languages;

Native proofreaders: To proofread and approve the translated contents in your native languges;

We need you to:

  • Be a native speaker of your language and excellent in English.
  • Have time to translate the strings.
  • Working in the STEAM education field.

Makeblock projects on Crowdin

Makeblock uses Crowdin as the translation platform, and you can join us as a translator or proofreader on Crowdin.

Currently, Makeblock has created the following projects:

  • mBlock PC — mBlock is a coding platform designed for STEAM education. Currently, it has reached over 20 million educators, learners, and educators, and has been used in over 140 countries, more than 20,000 schools.
  • mBlock App — mBlock App is a mobile app of mBlock, which can be downloaded and installed on a smart mobile device.
  • Makeblock app — The Makeblock app is an all-in-1 controller for Makeblock robots. With this app, children can learn how to build Makeblock robots, control the movement of the robots, and write their own controlling programs.
  • Laserbox translation — The laserbox software is designed for desktop laser cutting and engraving devices. Working in combination with Makeblock laserbox series machines, the laserbox software can help bring your ideas to life.
  • mBlock Python Editor — mBlock Python editor is a Python editor oriented to beginners, applicable to various Python courses, such as Software & Hardware Programming, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data Science courses.


How to join us as a translator or proofreader

Through email

  1. Sign up a Crowdin account on the sign up/log in page of Crowdin.
  2. Send an email to jianglongxin@makeblock.com to tell us which project you are willing to join, your Crowdin user name, the email address you’ve used to sign up on Crowdin, and your native tongue. We would appreciate it if you share with us more information about you.
  3. Wait for our reply.

We will send an invitation link to you email box. Please check your email box.

  1. Click the invitation link.

The following page is displayed, and you can click your native language to start translating.

By sending a joining request

1. Sign up a Crowdin account on the sign up/log in page of Crowdin.
2. Click a project that you are willing to contribute to. For example, click mBlock PC. The following page is displayed.

3. Click your native language. For example, click Arabic. The translation page is displayed.
4. Click Join and write down your ideas and click Join. The request is sent to the Makeblock team.
5. Wait for the Makeblock team to approve your request. After being approved, you can start translating.

How to translate a string

  1. Click your native language on the project homepage, for example, Arabic.
  2. Click a source file to open it.

A project may include multiple source files, you can click them to start translating.

  1. Select a string, enter your translation, and click Save.

On the editor, you can also:

  • copy the source string
  • delete the translation
  • copy part of translations from Translation Memory (TM) or Machine Translations (MT)
  • read the comments
  • search for previously made translations
  • search for terms in the project

After completing the translation of a file, you can close the editor to go back to the translation page and select another source file for translation.


How to add a language

If you are willing to contribute to a project but can’t find your native language in the language list, write an email to ada.wu@makeblock.com or jianglongxin@makeblock.com to let us know.

Languages can be added only by the project owner or managers.

Click Languages on the homepage, select target languages, and click Update.

The languages selected are displayed on the language list on the homepage.