Smart World add-on for mBot2

Create innovative designs with mBot2 and make a better world!

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Smart World add-on for mBot2

An add-on designed for middle school students to create and collaborate more using mBot2.

Robotic carrier

Surveying Robot

Robotic Arm

Bring the Smart World concept into the learning experience.

New robot forms allow students to work on new activities.

More possibilities for exercising collaboration, exploration, and problem-solving skills.

Incorporating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs)

The Smart World is an educational concept that brings real-life applications into the classroom by considering important areas of life where technology can become an enabler for the UNSDGs.

Educational Support

The Smart World add-on for mBot2 is accompanied with different resources to help teachers and schools implement it in their classes.

Educational Activites

Guided exercises reflecting real-world scenarios to carry out with students in the class.

Teacher Training

Reach out to one of our partners near you and receive quality training to develop your skills in STEAM education.

User Manual

Find out more details about the product and how to use it, as well as for mBlock, the coding platform.

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mBot2 is an educational robot powered by CyberPi that educators can use to carry out very interactive and smart lessons that are engaging and reflect real-world applications, including technologies such as AI and IoT.


CyberPi is a microcomputer with enhanced network capabilities, packed with advanced sensors and actuators, that allow for the integration of the latest technologies into STEAM education.

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The xTool M1 is a laser cutter, laser engraver, and blade cutter, all integrated into one desktop machine that is remarkably safe and easy to use for the classroom.

Detailed Product Information

What’s in the kit

Here you can find the parts list of the kit.

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1 x

Beam 036

2 x

Beam 060

4 x

Beam 076

1 x

Beam 092

1 x

Slide Beam 016

2 x

Side Beam 032

6 x


1 x

Bracket 3*3

2 x

Plate 3*6

1 x

Plate B 7*9

15 x

Screws M4*8 mm

8 x

Screws M4*10 mm

5 x

Screws M4*16 mm

2 x

Screws M4*22 mm

2 x

Screws M4*25 mm

2 x

Brass stud M4*8+6 mm

6 x

Headless Set Screw M3*5 mm

2 x

Universal Wheel

2 x

9g servo (MS-1.5A)

7 x

Nut M4

6 x

Shaft Collar 4 mm

7 x

Plastic Ring 4*7*3 mm

2 x

Plastic Ring 4*7*2 mm



1 x

HEX Allen Key 1.5 mm

1 x

HEX Allen Key 2.5 mm

1 x

Connection Cable (20cm)

3 x

D shaft 4*56 mm

2 x


Technical Specifications

Here you can find the technical details about mBot2, the main kit for this add-on.’

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Specification mBot2
Control board CyberPi
Processor ESP32-WROVER-B
SPI Flash memory 8MB
Store multiple programs simultaneously 8
Support multi threading Yes
Wireless communication Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi LAN
Inputs and onboard sensors 5-way joystick
Button x2
Reset button
Light sensor
Outputs 1.44″ full color display
Expandable electronic modules mBuild port x1, connect 10+ components in series
Additional interfaces 2-pin interface x2
3-pin interface x4