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Codey Rocky

Bluetooth Dongle Edition

SKU: P1030093

Recommended Price: US$113.00

Codey Rocky is an easy to start with robot for learning computer science and technology and 21st century skills. Start programming right out of the box, no building required. Codey Rocky supports block-based and Python programming as well as cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Key Features


Rich functionalities integrated in small robot without complex construction. Codey Rocky is especially targeting coding education as the best companion for learning block-based and python programming, AI, IoT and other subjects.


Built-in Wifi module enables powerful wireless communication functionalities to boost the early concept of AI and IoT, and together with the rich sensors integrated, it is also perfect for early data science learning.


Not only the chassis gives a friendly robot car character, the LED matrix together with speaker and microphone also give great experience of interaction between pupils and Codey Rocky. Learn through play!

Programming Languages & Compatibility

mBlock 5
Block-Based Editor


Block-based Programming, microPython

Operating systems supported

Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS

(Web-based Editors)

Chrome, Safari

Web-based Editors Installation

mLink 2.0

(computers & browsers)

USB-C, Makeblock Bluetooth Dongle

Mobile systems supported
(block-based programming)

Android, iOS

(mobile devices)

Bluetooth 4.0+


Neuron Platform

Teacher Resources

User Manual

Professional Development

Getting Started Activities

Tech Specification

Main control Chip ESP32
Transmission Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / USB
Control platform MacOS/Windows/Linux/Chrome OS/iOS
Battery Lithium battery:3.7V  950mAh
Working time > 2 hours
Size and weight Size 165.7*128*88.55mm Weight 599g
Sensors Codey:LED matrix screen, Loudspeaker, RGB light, Buttons, Gear potentiomenter, Sound sensor, Light sensor, Gyroscope and accelerometer, IR transmitter, IR receiver, Volume sensor
Rocky:IR color sensor, DC geared motor
Supported programming language Graphical programming:Scratch 3.0
Text programming:Python

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