NEW xTool S1

for Makeblock Education


The stronger, safer, and smarter
diode lase cutter for schools

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How can the xTool laser cutters
contribute to your classroom?

Active learning

The xTool S1 supports a hands-on learning experience as students play an active role in the in the utilization of the laser technology for fabrication.

Both individual and collaborative work

The S1 allows students to create their own ideas, either individually or by collaborating in groups, to come up with their designs and solutions.

Non-linear/creative learning path

The blade cutting, laser cutting, and engraving capabilities of the S1 offer an area of exploration for students to follow their own learning path in the process of creation, while minimizing the complexity of the fabrication process. The possibilities open up even more when they use the S1 in combination with other tools such as robot and electronic components.

A tool for teachers as well

It provides the ability to create and customize classroom resources in a flexible, quick, and convenient way. It represents significant costs savings over time compared to outsourcing, and it’s significantly faster than 3D printing.

xTool S1

Unparalleled safety, unbeatable capacity,
user-friendly technology for schools

Auto-focus system

With its focusing system, the machine can perform auto-focus on flat surfaces as well as dynamic focus for engraving on curved surfaces.

Precise laser positioning system

Using novel encoders and algorithms to accurately delimit the processing area without the need of a camera.

Expandable with Class 1 accessories

Such as the Honeycomb panel, the Riser base, and Rotary Attachment, to offer more creation possibilities.

Laser power
Up to 40w

Max cutting thickness
18mm (basswood)

Max (engraving) speed
600 mm/s

Working area
498 x 319 mm

Safety as a priority

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A cleaner work environment with the smoke purifier

xTool Creative Space (XCS)

All-around software for designing, editing,
laser processing and control of the S1

XCS allows you to start with ease and confidence, with features such as one-click operations, tracing of bitmaps into vectors, an Intelligent Processing Path Algorithm, compatibility with files in different formats, step-by-step tutorials, and more.

XCS can be used offline and it’s compatible with Windows and Mac operative systems.

XCS is free!

 XCS for Windows


Educational Support

The xTool M1 is accompanied with different resources to help teachers and schools make use of it with the students.

Coming Soon

Educational Activites

Guided exercises reflecting real-world scenarios to carry out with students in the class.

Coming Soon

Teacher Training

Reach out to one of our partners near you and receive quality training to develop your skills in STEAM education.

Coming Soon

User Manual

Find out more details about the S1, how to use it, and also about XCS, the specialized software for xTool machines.

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Detailed Product Information

What’s in the educational set

Here you can find what is included in the educational set

xTool S1

xTool Smoke Purifier

Air assist set

Honeycomb panel

Riser base

Rotary attachment pro

3mm plywood consumables

Technical Specifications

xTool S1 40WxTool S1 20W
Product CertificationIEC/EN60825
Canada: IC
Australia and New Zealand: RCM, SAA
United Kingdom: UKCA
Japan: Telec, PSE
European Union: CE-RED, ROHS, EN60825, CE-MD
Canada: IC
Australia and New Zealand: RCM, SAA
United Kingdom: UKCA
Japan: Telec, PSE
European Union: CE-RED, ROHS, EN60825, CE-MD
Laser Power40W20W
Spot Size0.08*0.10 mm0.08*0.06 mm
Working Speed600 mm/s600 mm/s
Working Area498*319 mm
19.61*12.56 inches
498*330 mm
19.61*13 inches
Output Voltage25V 11A24V 8A
Connection WayUSB/Wi-FiUSB/Wi-Fi
Support XCS SystemPhone: Android & iOS Tablet: iPad Computer: Windows 10 or above & macOSPhone: Android & iOS Tablet: iPad Computer: Windows 10 or above & macOS
Product Weight20KG20KG
Product Size765*561*183 mm (excluding riser base)
765*561*268 mm (including riser base)
765*561*183 mm (excluding riser base) 765*561*268 mm (including riser base)

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