Makeblock Education Launch 2020

Help teachers and schools make an impact

Introducing Makeblock Education, where we strive to deliver solutions that foster a growth mindset in the next generation of problem solvers – the students of today. We want to empower teachers though a continuum of solutions that make Computer Science and STEAM education engaging and accessible to all.


Networkable microcontroller for Computer Science and AI Education
• Integrated solution of teaching with both hardware and software
• Allows to teach both block-based programming and Python
• For Computer Science, AI, Data Science, Networks and IoT subjects
• Compatible with multiple electronic components

mTiny Discover

Early childhood education robot
• For early Computer Science teaching
• Screen free
• Develop social emotional learning skills
• Learning through play
• Rich interactions and engaging experience

mCreate 2.0

Versatile 3D Printer with Smart Assist Technology
• “Genius” Smart Leveling
• 3D Printing and Laser Engraving 2-in-1
• Change nozzle in 3 seconds
• Resumes printing after a power outage
Makeblock Education Innovation Space

To meet future career demands and to prepare students for the continuously evolving job market, Makeblock Education is establishing Innovation Spaces for schools all over Europe. As an education solution provider, Makeblock Education strives to help schools to improve their teaching methodology.

The Makeblock Education Innovation Space (MIS) is a concept facilitating innovation, fostering inquiry-based learning, and motivating students to create their own projects. Therefore, creating an environment where teachers and students can practice 21st century skills, taking education to the next level.

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Terms and Conditions
1. Europe and United Kingdom candidates only. The 50 giveaway prize winners will be selected accordingly.
2. The giveaway will operate on Makeblock Education website (
3. The candidates will be announced on Oct. 10th, 2020.
4. The winners will be contacted within 7 business days after the voting is over.
5. Once contacted, the winners will have 7 days to respond and to provide all necessary details for shipment of the prizes.
6. If there is no reply within 7 days, a replacement winner will be chosen. Once the replacement winner is chosen, the original winner will not be considered again.
7. No purchase or payment required to enter or to win the giveaway.
8. The prizes cannot be exchanged in lieu of cash or any form of monetary payment.
9. Makeblock reserves the right to disqualify participants if there are any violations of the rules and regulations.
10. Makeblock owns the final interpretation right of this giveaway campaign.
11. Makeblock reserves the right to cancel or modify this giveaway campaign at any time.