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Programming Software

CyberPi series products can be programmed with mBlock 5 which provides a block-based graphical editor (the default editor, referred to as mBlock 5) and Python editor (referred to as mBlock-Python Editor).

mBlock 5

Obtaining mBlock 5

1. Visit the mBlock website.

2. Select the version applicable to your device. For example, if you use a PC, you can download the version for PCs or use mBlock 5 on the web. For details, see Obtain and Install mBlock 5.

Learning how to use mBlock 5

Before using mBlock 5 to program CyberPi series products, you need to know about some basic operations.

For more information and help about mBlock 5, see mBlock Block-Based Editor.

Block help

mBlock 5 provides multiple types of blocks for CyberPi series products, and you can right-click a block to see the help for it.


mBlock-Python Editor

Open mBlock-Python Editor

Way 1

You can click the editor switching button on the upper-right of mBlock 5 on the web to go to mBlock-Python Editor.


Way 2

Open mBlock-Python Editor by entering its URL address:

For more information, see “Open mBlock-Python Editor.

Python API

Python API Documentations

The Python library cyberpi is provided for CyberPi series products. For details, see “Python API Documentation for CyberPi.”

Quick access to the Python API Documentation for CyberPi

On mBlock-Python Editor, click Tutorials on the toolbar, and then click Python API Documentation for CyberPi in the title list.