What was your Expectations before using mBot2?

I expect the mBot 2 to do more than the original mBot and be able to use it explore concepts in AI, particularly vision and speech recognition. I also expect it to have more precise control, particularly being able to specify very precise turns with the motors.

I am hoping to be able to use more modular parts to extend the functionality and learning possibilities.

I am looking forward to trying the CyberPi board on its own as well as connected to the mBot2.

I want to know if this will be viable as a product for schools in my area.

Getting started:

Show us what you did with the mBot2!

What applications do you see for the mBot2 in teaching?

I see this being very useful for teaching AI, including speech and vision and IOT. Also will be useful for demonstrating networking in a practical way as it can be quite dry to show this without a prop.

What subject would you use mBot2 in school for?

  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Design and Technology
  • Ethics

How do you see the mBot2 beneficial to your students?

Being able to bring abstract concepts to life by having a physical device.

Please tell us a specific project you want to use the mBot2 for!

Self driving vehicle using AI vision to recognize obstacles etc.

Would you like to add any other comments?

I like the introduction of the CyberPi board as it is relatively cheap and offers more possibilities to educators outside of the robotic vehicle context.

Would you recommend it to other educators?

Yes, as long as they understand how best to use the product and have a clear learning objective that the product satisfies.