Secondary Education


The networkable Robot

for Computer Science and STEAM Education

mBot2 is a next-generation educational robot designed with extended capabilities, starting as an entry-level solution in lower secondary education and going all the way to upper secondary and beyond.
mBot2 is powered by CyberPi, an educational microcontroller enhanced with network capabilities, built-in sensors and much more. mBot2 is designed for students to carry out interactive and smart lessons that are engaging, fun and reflecting real-world applications with cutting-edge technologies, including robotics, AI, IoT and Data Science. With mBlock’s enhanced coding learning experience, mBot2 allows students and educators to begin with the block-based coding approach, and seamlessly transition into object-oriented coding with Python, all in the same environment.

Powered by CyberPi

CyberPi is a powerful and versatile microcontroller for education. Its integrated sensors, full-colour display and Wi-Fi communication capability create a broad coverage of curriculum topics in Computer Science, Robotics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, as well as other areas of the curriculum – Mathematics, Physics, etc.

Enhanced modules

mBot2 comes with next-generation Ultrasonic, with illumination, and Quad RGB sensors to detect colours while following lines on four spots at the same time, offering extremely accurate performance and consistency.
It can be further expanded with Makeblock Education’s wide variety of mBuild smart electronic modules and structural parts.

Precision control

The encoder motors on mBot2 can be precisely controlled by their rotation, speed and position, making possible the integration of conceptual Mathematics, Physics and Engineering.

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