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1. Is there a beginner’s guide to mBlock 5?

See “Quick Start” in this document.

2. Where can I find teaching resources?

Obtain more teaching resources at the Educational Resource Website.

3. Can I view the Python code in parallel with coding blocks in the latest version of mBlock 5?

You can view the Python code in parallel with the coding blocks of the stage; if you are programming Codey Rocky, you need to add the event block, “when Codey starts up.”

4. Where do I upload the cloud data? Does cloud data have anything to do with Class Management/Resource Management?

1. The cloud data is the feature of the IoT extension. After connecting Codey to mBlock 5, you can find the cloud data blocks under the extension category IoT.

2. The cloud data has nothing to do with Class Management/Resources Management.

5. Is the cognitive service feature only available for sprites? Is it available for devices?

It’s not directly available for devices, but devices can use the cognitive service data through broadcast blocks or communication variables.

6. Is the machine learning feature only available for sprites? Is it available for devices?

It’s not directly available for devices. You need to use it in combination with broadcast blocks or communication variables to support devices.

7. Is the pen extension available only for sprites? Is it available for devices? Can it control the servo?

Yes, it is available only for sprites. It can’t control servos.

8. Does mBlock 5 support language processing?

mBlock 5 provides the cognitive service feature, which supports text recognition and speech recognition.

9. How to train models? What is the relationship between them?

For detailed description, see How to Teach and Learn Modern AI: Training Models for Machine Learning Through mBlock 5.

10. Do I need to set study groups for class/student management?

You can only set classes. Currently, group setting is not supported.

11. For homework management, is there a function for me to answer questions on homework? Is there homework summary for students?

1. Currently, there is no function provided for answering questions on homework. This is a good idea. We will consider developing it.

2. We have provided the homework review function, but this is different from homework summary.

12. When I save my project to desktop, a message is displayed, indicating that a change is blocked due to virus & thread protection. What can I do?

You need to disable Windows Defender or add mBlock.exe to the trusted list of Defender.

13. Can “My blocks” work across sprites in the mBlock 5?

You can synchronize My Blocks across sprites by dragging or duplicating the blocks.

14. I want to delete a customized role or costume on mBlock 5, but the operation is blocked by the computer housekeeper. What can I do?

When this happens, choose to allow the operation this time.

15. Why does my device fail to connect to mBlock 5?

Try the following operations:

  1. The driver installation is blocked by the security software. It is recommended that you disable the security software during the installation.
  2. Use mBlock 5 of the latest version and update the device firmware.
  3. For Windows: Double-click the mblock5/drivers/Driver_for_Windows.exe file in the root direction of mBlock 5 to manually install the CH340 diver. Restart the computer after installing the driver.

16. Local extensions can’t be upgraded or deleted. What can I do?

If an extension you added on your computer can’t be upgraded or deleted, perform the following operations:

For macOS:

Way 1:

Open the terminal and enter rm -rf ~/mblock/exts

Way 2:

(1) Open Finder.

(2) Choose Go > Go to Folder.

(3) Enter ~ in the dialog box that appears.

(4) Expand the mblock folder and delete the exts folder.

For Windows:

(1) Open the directory C:\Users\{username}\mblock.

(2) Delete the exts folder.


(3) Restart mBlock 5.

17. I can’t find my local projects in “My Projects” after upgrading mBlock 5 to V5.1.0.

Project management is optimized in mBlock 5 v5.1.0. Local projects are no longer shown in My Projects. Projects saved to your computer can be found in the corresponding folders.

If you have saved your projects to a specific folder, visit the folder to find your local projects.

If you have saved your projects to the default folder by mBlock 5, follow the steps to visit the folder:

For Windows

Visit: C:\Users\{user name}\mblock\project

For macOS

1. Click GO -> Go to Folder, and enter ~



2. Go to mblock


3. Find local projects in the project folder


18. The system displays a message indicating that the version of the graphics card driver is too low. What can I do?

1. Visit to see whether the browser supports webgl. If yes, go to the next step.


2. Check whether your computer supports the render engine of mBlock 5.

Visit the block-based coding website.

(1) webgl1:

(2) webgl2:

If neither of them can be visited, go to the next step.

3. Check the graphics card configuration of your computer.


Example: (Computer with improper configuration)


Compare the configuration to the official blacklist of webgl. If the graphics card is in the blacklist, you need to change the graphics card and can’t use mBlock 5 currently. It is recommended that you use mBlock 3 temporarily. If the graphics card is not in the blacklist, go to the next step.

4. Update the graphics card driver.

Use Driver Wizard or other software, or download a graphics card driver, for example, at

If the problem persists, it is recommended that you use mBlock 3.

19. A black screen is displayed after I open mBlock 5. What can I do?

Generally, this is because some programs on your computer have occupied large memory, causing other programs to run out of memory.

You can perform the following steps to open the resource monitor, view the memory usage, and close some programs that have occupied large memory.

For Windows 7

1. Open the resource manager.


2. Open the resource monitor.


For Windows 10

1. Open the resource manager.

2. Open the resource monitor.