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mBlock Mobile App Introduction

mBlock Mobile App Introduction

Interface navigation


1. Registration/Login: click on Register/Login in the upper left corner of the page to get or login an account in the mBlock App.

2. Codey basic: click to start basic programming game (for beginners).

3. Coding: click to select the device and enter its programming interface.


  1. Switch to mBlock international: you can switch the mBlock interface in other languages (need to click the “Register/Login” icon to enter this interface).


  1. Save: click on save icon to save the program


• Blocks area: you can find the blocks you need by category and color in Blocks area.

• Scripts area: you can program in the Scripts area by dragging blocks to this area.

• Stage area: you can present your design, or start ot stop running your program.

Note: If you want to view the stage area, you need to click the “full screen display” icon in the lower right

corner, and a stage display interface will pop up

Codey Rocky Basic Programming