Ultimate 2.0

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Ultimate 2.0 Kit

10-in-1 programmable robot kit

SKU: 90040

Price: US$349.99 ex. VAT

Ultimate 2.0 is a 10-in-1 educational robot kit based on Arduino Mega solution that has 550+ mechanical parts and electronic modules that allows you to build 10+ models from one set.

Ultimate 2.0 features advanced motion control that can drive multiple motors and servos at the same time, and it also has great compatibility with Arduino & Raspberry Pi so that you can build a range of complex designs.

Key Features


10 built-in projects as gateway to initialize the interests of students with advance robotics.


Based on Arduino Mega platform providing a powerful performance.


Compatible with over 60 electronic modules and a whole range of structural parts.

Programming Languages & Compatibility

mBlock 5
Block-Based Editor

Operating systems supported

Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS

(Web-based Editors)

Chrome, Safari

Web-based Editors Installation

mLink 2.0

(computers & browsers)


Mobile systems supported
(block-based programming)

Android, iOS

(mobile devices)

Bluetooth 4.0+


Makeblock RJ25 Modules, Makeblock Smart Camera, Arduino-based open-source sensors

Other Editors

Arduino IDE

Tech Specification

Metallic Materials (Main) Anodized aluminum
Parts and Accessories 80+ part types, totaling 550+ pieces
Main Control Board/ Chip ATMEGA2560-16AU
Sensors Ultrasonic Sensor × 1,Line Follower Sensor × 1,3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor × 1,Shutter × 1
Motion modules Motor Driver × 4,DC Encoder Motor × 3,Makeblock Robot Gripper × 1
Interface DC Motor Interface × 8, Motor Driver × 4, Servo Interface × 10, Wireless Communication Module × 1, Power Output × 2, Raspberry Pi Communication× 1, Sensors or Modules Interface × 4
Support Software mBlock 3 (PC), Makeblock App (Mobile), Arduino IDE (PC)
Support Programming Languages Scratch,Arduino
Power Supply 12V
Connectivity Bluetooth / USB
Package Dimension 510 × 310 × 150 mm (H × W × L)
Compatibility Compatible with Maker Platform 500+ parts; Main control board supports Arduino; Hardware support Raspberry Pi