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Makeblock’s versatile continuum of STEAM solutions makes scientific, analytic, creative and design thinking skills accessible to learners through fun, problem-based activities.

Powerful Learning Tools

– P1030156 –

CyberPi Go Kit

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Codey Rocky
Bluetooth Dongle Edition
9 Language

– P1050015/P1010045 –

mBot Explorer Kit
mBot-S Kit


MakeX Spark

As of age 6

MakeX Spark is an innovation-oriented robotics hardware competition for young people of 6-13 years old. The 2020 theme of MakeX Spark is Future Home.

Students are challenged to be creative and use any hardware and the mBlock 5 software platform to design their innovative ideas according to the theme of the competition. Students need to present their project to the public. The competition is easily accessible to all students that want to participate. It aims to young children’s logical thinking skills and engineering abilities.

MakeX Starter

Age brackets 6-13 and 12-16

This beginner’s level competition equips participants with the necessary knowledge and skills of mBot and mBlock-based programming techniques. The competition engages students with a problem-driven approach and learning materials. Utilizing various sensors and mechanical tools, participants need to collaborate to develop and create their team’s best design. The participants develop a practical understanding of engineering, programming and problem solving. The teams also need to generate different strategies for various challenges the participants are confronted with. MakeX starter is a fun and challenging competition that encourages a creative mindset, problem-solving skills and above all collaboration.

MakeX Challenge

Age bracket 11-18

In the MakeX Challenge the Red Alliance and Blue Alliance compete against each other. The contestants need to complete multiple missions within a set time frame to score points. MakeX challenge’s missions include complicated movements that need to be completed, such as gathering, shooting, and suspending cubes. These versatile assignments put forth complex demands for the design of the robots. Challenging all competitors to develop extensive knowledge about mechanics and programming. In addition to their logical thinking skills, strategical analysis, and quick decision making.

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