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Smart Camera

SKU: P1100022

Recommended Price: US$89.00

The smart camera can learn and recognize brightly colored objects as well as detecting bar codes and lines, which allows it to be used in various applications, such as garbage sorting, intelligent transportation, object tracking, and intelligent line following.

Supported Devices:

– mBot, mBot Ranger
– CyberPi
– Halocode

Key Features

Color Recognition

The smart camera can learn brightly colored objects and identify the color blocks after learning, and then return their coordinates, length, and width.

Barcode Recognition

The smart camera can detect bar codes, lines, and branch roads simultaneously. Switch the smart camera to the line/label tracking mode to detect and return the coordinate information.


The smart camera supports PixyMon software. You can view the camera screen through PixyMon, debug the smart camera function, and fine-tune some parameters to explore more complex features.

Programming Languages & Compatibility

mBlock 5 Block-Based Editor

Operating systems supported

Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS

(Web-based Editors)

Chrome, Safari

Web-based Editors Installation

mLink 2.0

(computers & browsers)

USB-C, Makeblock Bluetooth Dongle

Supported Devices

– mBot, mBot Ranger
– CyberPi & mBuild

– Halocode

Other Software


Tech Specification

Dimensions  48 × 48mm
Resolution  640 x 480
Field of view  65.0 degrees
Effective focal length  4.65±5% mm
Recognition speed  60fps
Recognition distance  0.25–1.2m
Fall resistance  1m
Power supply  3.7V lithium battery or 5V mBuild power module
Power consumption range  0.9–1.3W
Operating temperature  -10℃–55℃