Neuron Creative Lab Getting Started Activities

Grade Level







Lesson duration

2 x 45MINS

Product description


Neuron is a platform of programmable electronic building blocks suitable for easy creation and intuitive programming. Each Neuron block has a preprogrammed function and can be used without programming. Neuron can also be programmed with flow-based programming in the Neuron app and block-based in mBlock 5.The desing of the blocks allows them to connect together with a sure-fire magnetic pogo-pin system.


Content overview


These lessons have been developed for students in Primary school level and their educators. Students will be encouraged to create diverse projects, from a fruit piano to a smart system for watering plants.
The objective of these lessons is to show the wide variety of possibilities that Neuron offers, and to stimulate a hands-on, inquiry-based approach on STEAM projects.



Lessons overview


Lesson Course Title
Lesson 1 This is Neuron
Lesson 2 Neuron and mBlock 5
Lesson 3 Traffic Light
Lesson 4 Smiley Penholder
Lesson 5 Twinkling Star
Lesson 6 Color Sensing Gadget
Lesson 7 Smart Cabinet Light
Lesson 8 Funny Level
Lesson 9 Noise Meter
Lesson 10 Cartoon Thermometer
Lesson 11 Smart Fan
Lesson 12 Smart Plant Watering System
Lesson 13 Fruit Piano
Lesson 14 Smart Bubble Blower
Lesson 15 Mini Mousetrap
Lesson 16 Reading Lamp



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