mTiny Discover Getting Started Activities

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 Product description


mTiny Discover is an educational robot suitable for learning social-emotional skills, linguistics, mathematics and much more. Students will practice their logical thinking and problem-solving skills through interactive, screen-free lessons developed to meet the specific needs of young learners.


Content overview


The Getting started activities for mTiny Discover were developed with children ages 4 to 6 and early childhood educators in mind. With mTiny’s tangible programming and drawing capabilities, preschool children will learn about as focus, concentration, and memory by following instructions and guide during the activities. They will also enjoy a lot of developmental benefits, in the areas of math, language, arts, literacy, computational thinking, and social-emotional skills.


Lessons overview 


Section Description
Education Values and Pedagogy – heoretical Underpinning
– Connection to Child Development
An Introduction to mTiny -Tangible Programming at a Glance
– Classroom Activity Preparation
Curriculum and Activity Plans – Outline and Activity Description
– Examples of Learning Activities
Beginner’s Level – Red Light, Green Light
– Forest Party
– What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?
– Zig-zag Bridge
– Where’s My Bamboo?
– Drawing with mTiny
– mTiny Tunes
Intermediate Level – Little Road Mender
– Ring Road Itinerary
– Little Bus Driver
– Help Me, Please!
Advanced Level – mTiny’s Weekend