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  The screen is a kind of furniture used for shielding wind in traditional Chinese buildings. As an important part of traditional furniture, they have a long history. Screens are usually placed in a distinct position in the room, and plays a role of space separation, beautification, wind shielding and coordination. Accompanied and integrated with other traditional furniture, they become an indivisible entity in Chinese home decorations, and present the beauty of harmony and tranquility.

  As a symbol of status and power, screens appeared as a special instrument for the emperor in Zhou Dynasty 3,000 years ago. With continuous evolution, screens can be used for wind shielding, separation, and concealment, and they can also decorate and beautify the whole space. Therefore, they are passed down from generation to generation until now and evolved into different forms. Nowadays, screens are mainly classified into surrounding screens, seat screens, hanging screens, table screens, etc., among which large screens can display the nobleness and are the first choice for living rooms, halls, conference rooms, and offices. Screens can be placed and moved freely according to the needs, complemented with the indoor environment.


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