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Bill of materials:

  • Halocode × 1
  • Speaker × 1
  • Battery × 1
  • Sandpaper × 1
  • Rubber bands
  • 10 cm Connection cable × 2
  • Screw M3*14 × 8
  • Stud M3*12 × 10
  • Screw M3*30 × 2
  • Double-headed wire(ring terminal) × 4
  • 3 mm Basswood × 1


Building Instructions:



The case is created by mBuild and Laserbox, come from makeblock Creation&Programing Course.

Creation&Programming Course is a subscription-based course specially designed for children over 6 years old to learn coding at home. It combines creation and programming, enabling children to enjoy a systematic approach to software programming while at the same time learning how to use different materials in the real world, and identify and use intelligent modules. In this way, children are able to connect the physical world and the virtual world, and program to create intelligent projects and develop skills, preparing themselves for the era of Internet of Things.

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