Laserbox Lesson 6 – Base Supporting Structure


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Learning Objectives:

Students will:

  1. learn about what a base supporting structure is;
  2. learn to design slots;
  3. master the uses of Laserbox.


  1. Engraving materials: 3mm basswood sheets
  2. Wood glue
  3. Laserbox


Session 1  Lead-in

Write the following questions down on the blackboard. Have student brainstorm about the answers. The solution could be anything so long as it solves the problem. Encourage students to come up with solutions as many as possible.

  1. How can you make a flat or round object stand up?
  2. How can you balance the object?

Invite students to share their ideas.

Show the following pictures to students:

Give students hints: “What I showed you are just some possible solutions. Do you notice what they share in common? ”

Possible answer: “They all have a pedestal.”

Give explanations: “Right, they all have a pedestal. The pedestal makes a flat or round object stand up and keeps an object steady by expanding the base of support (BOS). ”

This structure is considered a base supporting structure. By adding a pedestal, we can easily make a flat or round object stay balanced just as shown in the pictures.

Source: Christmas Tournaments Awards / Plaque / Trophy – Laser Cut 0.20 in Clear Acrylic and a 3D Printed Base by joseanes


For the complete lesson plan and instruction manual, please download the Lesson Plan.

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