Codey Rocky  Discovery

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Product description


Codey Rocky is an easy-to-start-with robot for learning computer science and technology in combination with 21st century skills. Start programming right out of the box, no building required. Codey Rocky supports block-based and Python programming as well as cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.


Content overview


In this course, a combination of software and hardware is adopted to stimulate children’s confidence in creating and interest in programming. It also encourages collaboration among students through team activities. The course features unplugged coding activities, that allow students to learn programming through games. Even without a computer, teachers can still demosntrate the basics of computer science with the help of unplugged coding activities.
The course materials comprise a teacher’s book, a student’s book, a self assessment form for students and a list of conditionals for practice.


Lessons overview

Unit Topic Learning Objectives
Unit 1 Event & Sequencing The Secret of Codey Rocky Understand the concept and function of Programming
Learn to use Codey Rocky and mBlock
Press Buttons to Change Emotions Understand the concept of Event
Design buttons for different facial expression with Event Block
To Be an Animation Designer Understand the concept of Sequencing
Make an animation with programming with Sequencing Blocks
Identify the Bug Understand the concept of Bug and Debug
Find out bugs and fix them
Unit 2 Loop The Steamed Bread Can’t Jump Understand the concept of Counting Loop
Make an animation with programming with Sequencing Blocks
The Jumping Steamed Bread Understand the concept of Infinite Loop
Make a creative animation with Infinite Loop Blocks
Unit 3  Conditionals The Racing Game I Understand the concept of Conditionals
Use Conditional Blocks to help Codey Rocky recognize color and detect obstacles
The Racing Game II Use multiple Conditional Blocks or a combination of nested Counting Loop, Conditional and Operators Block to accomplish missions
Volume Bar Use nested Infinite Loop Blocks and Conditional Blocks to accomplish missions
Unit  4  Function Good Moring ! Functions Understand the concept of Function
Use Conditional Blocks to help Codey Rocky recognize color and detect obstacles
The Tiny Patroller I Design a game containing different missions for Codey Rocky
Apply mathematic skills to completing missions
The Tiny Patroller II Further study in Function
Use complex Function programming and mathematic skills to accomplish complicated missions
Unit 5 Variable The Squirrel’s Nuts Box Understand the concept of Variable
Use Variable Blocks to carry out comparison operation
Mathematical Operations Further study in Variable
Use Variable Blocks to carry out comparison operation
The Bomb! Continue study in Variable
Accomplish programming tasks by using Variable and Random
Rock-Paper-Scissors Accomplish programming tasks by using Variable and Conditional Blocks
Unit 6 Game Design Speedway Know how to design scenes and characters, set stage background and dynamic effects
My First Game Design Experience Familiarize with game design procedures
Design a simple game
Game Rules I Learn about game mechanism
Improve a game by introducing rules
Game Rules II Develop skills of designing game mechanism by introducing moving obstacles
Fast & Furious Further develop skills in designing game mechanism
Understand the concept of Game Outcome and introduce a finish line to the racing game
Unit 7 Robotics course Bend competition Consolidate the basic knowledge of the robot, design maps by yourself, and control Codey Rocky to follow maps.
Object Avoidance Understand the application of autonomous driving technology, understand the infrared sensor and obstacle avoidance principle, and use the obstacle avoidance function to complete the task.
Line Following Understand the application of line following, reflection intensity of different gradations and the principle of the patrol of the Codey Rocky. Then complete the patrol task.




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