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mCreate 2.0 Safty Certificate


Cura Plugin - 3D printer slicing plug-in for mCreate

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[download] macOS

Laserbox for mCreate - Laser engraving software

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Version: 42.01.002.T11L Beta Released: 2021.02.25

[downloadVersion: 42.01.002.T11L Beta, Released: 2021.02.25

[Tutorial] Check the update tutorial video


How to print or engrave on mCreate?

Launch your 3D printing or laser engraving task in two ways, either sending through your computer or inserting a USB flash drive directly.
Option 1: Connect mCreate to your compute with a USB cable. Send the file to print or engrave via the software Cura or Laserbox for mCreate, respectively.
Option 2: Insert the USB flash drive into the easy-access USB port. From the home screen on the control panel, the Touch Screen, select the document to print or engrave.

What is the biggest size mCreate can print?

The maximum build volume is 220 × 220 × 295 mm.

What is the printing speed?

mCreate can print at 10-150mm/s. You can adjust the speed on the Cura software.

How to enable leveling?

When you use mCreate for the first time, follow the instructions displayed on the Touch Screen and tap Leveling to activate Genius smart levelling. This feature enables mCreate to do self-leveling. When you tap Leveling, the printer automatically gets itself both calibrated and leveled, so you don’t need to repeat the tedious manual leveling process.

What is the laser power?

500 mW.

What materials can be used for laser cutting?

mCreate cannot do laser cutting, but awesome laser engraving.

Tips and tricks for laser engraving on mCreate.

Lower speed burns deeper, and higher speed burns shallower.
Higher power burns deeper and lower power burns shallower.

How does mCreate deliver autofocus?

mCreate laser head always automatically focus before it starts engraving. No manual operation is required so it’s much more convenient than most of XY laser engravers on the market. With mCreate, users don’t have to manually adjust the laser head, which can prevent potential risks.

What file formats does Laserbox for mCreate support?

The file formats supported by Laserbox for mCreate include: .dxf / .svg / .jpg / .png / .bmp, etc.

How does mCreate update its firmware?

Go to makeblock’s website or reach out to after-sales services for the latest firmware. Copy the firmware to the root directory of the USB flash drive. Then pick one of these two options to update the firmware:

Option 1: Plug the USB flash drive into mCreate, and tap About ->Update on the touchscreen to follow the on-screen prompts to complete the update procedure.

Option 2: Plug the USB flash drive into mCreate, and reboot mCreate to let it automatically update the firmware.

The status bar showed a USB icon, but when I tapped print/engrave, it prompted that "U-disk not detected". What's the issue?

mCreate only supports an Fat32 USB flash driver. It can’t read files if other formats of USB flash drives are inserted.

Which 3D printing material can I use?

mCreate supports open filaments like PLA and PLA derivatives, TPU, PP, PVA, etc. Each material has different properties that you can choose to suit your specific needs.

What is the resolution metrics?

You can choose the layer resolution from 50 μm to 300 μm. The Z positioning precision is 0.002 mm, and the X/Y positioning precision is 0.01 mm.

What software do I need for 3D printing?

You can design a 3D printable model on any 3D modeling software tool that outputs your file in the standard STL, OBJ, X3D, 3MF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP format. Then, slice your model on Cura and generate .gcode file for mCreate to print.

How to calibrate mCreate?

mCreate does self-calibration and self-leveling at the same time when you tap Leveling. So, goodbye to repeatedly adjusting the nozzle and running friction tests with white paper. The self-calibration data can be fine-tuned based on actual printing needs.

What is the lifespan of mCreate's laser head?

Over 10,000 hours.

What materials can be used for laser engraving?

mCreate can engrave on most non-metallic materials, such as paper, wood, bamboo, rubber, leather, fabric, acrylic, plastic, anodized metal, and painted metal. It can also do an excellent engraving job on the surface with varying degrees of curvature, like cylinders, balls, concave surfaces, etc.

What is the largest size can mCreate laser engrave?

mCreate has an active engraving area up to 225 × 225mm, with a maximum thickness of 250mm, performing better than most of XY laser engravers on the market.

What kind of software do I need for laser engraving?

Use software “Laserbox for mCreate”. The software interface is updated based on the software”Laserbox” to align with mCreate features.

What happens to mCreate after unexpected power outages?

mCreate can resume the task after power comes back. When unexpected power outages happen, the nozzle automatically goes up to prevent melting of the print or the laser head stays at where it is. After power is on, mCreate can detect the task suspended and resume the task.

Why can't I see files in the USB flash drive?

If the file name (name+suffix) has more than 31 characters, the file is not displayed; if a folder has more than 5 levels, only the file at the 5th level is displayed.

What's the weight of mCreate?


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