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Product Maintenance

Product Maintenance


• Please fully charge when the product is not in use. It should be charged at least once every 3 months.

• Please use the recommended adapter (5V/1A adapter) or use the standard micro USB cable to connect to the computer port to charge the product. When fully charged, please disconnect the power supply in time to avoid  charging and discharging repeatedly.

• The magnetic interface of Pogo Pin (the connection between Codey and Rocky; the rear part of Codey Rocky) can not be pryed or squeezed. Gauze with alcohol can be used to wipe the magnetic interface after using for a period of time.

• Avoid actuating Rocky’s motor through squeezing and pushing by hand while the product is powered on.

• Safekeep the standard micro USB cable (there are two types of micro USB cables in the market, one is only chargeable, the other is rechargeable and can transmit data; the standard micro USB cable can be charged and can also transfer data).