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Safety guides

Safety guides

Normal safety

  • This product is suggested for users with 4+.
  • Users under 3 are not suggested to use this product.
  • Children should be accompanied by adults when use this product.
  • You are suggested to check the cable, connector and stop using it when there are something wrong.

Electricity safety

Please use 5V/2A to charge this product.

Please charge it full and take it aside for a long time, and charge it every three months at least.

Please do not connect it to the power with more connectors than suggested.


Operation safety

Please do not dissemble, repair or change this product by yourself, in case cause damage to it.

Please do not put this product near fire, water, in wet or high-tempreture environment.

Please do not use this product or charge it beyond the tempreture suggested.

The power adapter for charging this product (not included) can not be used as toys.

Please power it off and keep it disconnected to other devices when cleanning it with liquid.




It may cause this product abnormal if we charge it under 0 degree or above 40 degrees.