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Ultrasonic Sensor

The ultrasonic sensor can be used to detect the distance between an obstacle and it. The left probe of the ultrasonic sensor transmits ultrasonic waves and the right one receives ultrasonic waves.


Working principle

Human beings can here sounds of T 20 to 20,000 Hz. Sound waves higher than 20,000 Hz are called ultrasonic waves. The sound waves rebound from the obstacles they encounter and are received by the probe of the ultrasonic sensor. Based on the time between transmission and receiving, the distance between the ultrasonic  sensor probe and the obstacle can be calculated.

Real-life example

  • Bats locate objects with ultrasonic waves.



  • Value range: 5–300 (cm) (The value 300 is reported when the value exceeds the range.)
  • Value error: ±5%
  • Operating current: 26 mA