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Get to Know the UI

Get to Know the UI


1. Language: click to select a language

2. File: create, open, import, or export a project

3. Name: click to rename the folder where the currently used project file is stored

4. Libraries: search for, install, or uninstall Python libraries

5. Example Programs: example projects provided by the editor; you can view the projects by category or theme

6. Tutorials: online help for the editor; you can read the content you need by clicking the corresponding title

8. Code with blocks: entry to the mBlock block-based editor

Editing area

Device operation area: connect and switch devices, or switch the programming mode of a device

Project files area: create, rename, or delete a file or folder; add a local file or folder; add a file from resource libraries

Project file editing area: compile or modify code; you can open multiple project files, and they will be displayed as tabs.

Terminal: run commands and view information about program running

Run: click to run a program that you have compiled or opened

Upload: click to upload the currently displayed program to a device; available only when the programming mode of a device is set to Upload

Clear: click to delete all the information displayed on the terminal

Log: click to view logs

Expand/collapse: click to expand or collapse the terminal