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Change History

Change History

Change history of the mBlock-Python Editor Online Help

Date Modifications
2020-7-8 Initial draft
2020-8-14 Updating the address of the global version and some UI-related figures

Change history of mBlock-Python Editor

Beta 1.3

Date: 2020-08-11

Launching the official global version at (Chinese version:

  • Adding a pop-up wizard for beginners to help them get started
  • Adding messages to prompt users to update Python libraries, preventing program errors caused because a hardware libraries is not updated

Beta 1.2

Date: 2020-06-12

  • Modifying the instructions for mLink download
  • Replacing the example programs that are not applicable to Windows
  • Providing the cyberpi library on mBlock-Python Editor
  • Adding the theano, keras, and cyberpi libraries to the recommended libraries
  • Rectifying the automatic installation errors (PIL library)

Beta 1.1

Date: 2020-05-28

Launching the official version of mBlock-Python Editor at

  • Optimizing the interaction UI, making each function area clearer
  • Adding the function for opening image and text files on the tab (files not supported by the browser can also be opened by using system tools)
  • Adding the function for changing the font size, so that users can see the statements in the project file editing area when a high-resolution screen is used
  • Adding the function for searching for and replacing texts, improving the programming efficiency
  • Adding 28 example programs, including the AI and Data Science ones. Welcome to contribute your example programs.
  • Adding the function for automatically installing a Python library when a program reports an error that the library is not installed
  • Adding the log information for users to see information about Python library installation
  • Adding the function for importing multiple files from the local disk at a time

Note: Currently, the mLink version required by mBlock-Python Editor is different from that required by mBlock Block-based Editor. Download mLink 2 for mBlock-Python Editor as prompted. We will combine mLink and mLink 2 into one later.

Beta 1.0

Date: 2020-04-30

  • Optimizing the tutorials UI and interaction operations, allowing users to compile their code while viewing the tutorials and to copy code in the tutorials
  • Adding the mkcloud Python library
  • Adding the button to go to mBlock Block-based Editor
  • Optimizing the connection method and logic, simplifying device connection
  • Adding the function for importing online mBlock resources, facilitating the game creation of users
  • Supporting MicroPython programming for devices

alpha 1.3

Date: 2020-3-26

Providing the following file functions:

  • Importing a whole project from the local disk to the editor, supporting complicated Python projects
  • Importing and managing file resources, allowing users to view all the files in a project and thus simplifying the creation of Python games using the pygame library
  • Displaying all the generated files in the Project Files area, allowing users to easily view the Python examples and data analysis results

Solving the following problems:

  • The library manage page indicated that the pygame library had not been installed, but the pygame game Snake could run.
  • Files generated in the Python example programs couldn’t be found on the editor.

alpha 1.2

Date: 2020-3-16

Optimizing the library management functions, recommending common libraries and installing them visually

Adding the following functions:

  • Code checking, displaying an error indicator on the left of the line where invalid code is written
  • Automatically placing the cursor on the terminal, allowing users to directly enter texts
  • Making the cursor flashing when it is placed on the terminal
  • Using the ↑ and ↓ keys to fetch code
  • Deleting all the information from the terminal when a program runs
  • Adding the FAQ “What Can I Do If the Terminal Displays Only “$”? My Computer Runs Windows 7.”
  • Rectifying the errors that occur in the program “Coin Toss Probability”

Resolving the following problems:

  • Errors found in the page that described how to create a project
  • A message indicating that the PIP version was too early when a third-party library was installed. The current PIP version is V 19.2.

Removing the night mode temporarily. It is being optimized.

alpha 1.1

Date: 2020-3-6

  • Setting the night mode to be the default mode
  • Updating the program “Calculate the Area of a Triangle”

Resolving the following problems:

  • The window flashedwhen a program was being executed.
  • The window flashed when an installed library was being loaded.
  • A Python link didn’t start a browser by default.
  • A questionnaire was displayed when a user clicked mBlock.
  • Errors found in the page that described how to create, import, and export project files

alpha 1.0

Date: 2020-3-4

Initial version, providing the following functions:

  • Tutorials to help users get started with Python teaching
  • Day mode and night mode
  • Visualized installation and uninstallation of third-party libraries
  • Connecting to Halocode and interacting with it in real time through programming
  • Read–eval–print loop (REPL) interaction on the terminal
  • Importing and exporting files