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Climate Data

FAQs on mBlock 5 Block-based Editor

The Climate Data extension enables you to obtain real-time weather forecast. You can choose a city and obtain its real-time weather data, including the temperature, humidity, and air quality.

Add the Climate Data extension

1. Click the Sprites tab and click + extension at the bottom of the blocks area.

2. On the Extension center page that appears, click + Add at the bottom of Climate Data.

After being added, the extension and its block are displayed in the blocks area.

Use the Climate Data blocks

Try to use Climate Data blocks. Create a project and program Panda to be your private weather reporter.

Ensure that Panda is selected.

1. Drag the Events block “when (space) key pressed” to the scripts area.

2. Drag the Look block “say ( )” to the scripts area.

3. Drag the Climate Data block “(city) weather” to the scripts area, set the city to Shenzhen, and click OK.

4. Press the space key and see what happens.