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CyberPi is a main control board developed independently by Makeblock. With the compact structure and built-in interfaces, it can be easily extended. It supports mBlock 5 and mBlock-Python Editor; is applicable to multiple education scenarios including large-class teaching, community teaching, and online/offline education & training; covers multiple teaching fields including coding, makers, and robots; and thus can meet the diversified education needs, such as AI, IoT, data science, and UI design.

Through programming with mBlock 5, CyberPi can function as your timer, counter, pedometer, clock, alarm clock, weather reporter, remote control, night lamp, music player, recorder, walkie talkie, etc.

Connect your CyberPi to mBlock 5 to start exploring its power functions!

For the detailed description and programming guide of CyberPi, see CyberPi Series User Manual.