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Before installing and using the product for the first time, please carefully read all the accompanying documents to make the most out of Laserbox. If you fail to use the product according to the instructions and requirements of the Manual, or mis-operate the product due to misunderstanding, etc., Makeblock Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen) bears no responsibility for any loss resulting therefrom, except for losses due to improper installation or operation by Makeblock professional maintenance personnel.

Makeblock Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen) has carefully collated the Manual rigorously and carefully, but we cannot guarantee that the Manual is completely free of error or omission.

Makeblock Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen) is committed to continuously improving product functionality and service quality, and therefore reserves the right to change any product or software program described in the Manual and the contents of the Manual at any time without prior notice.

The Manual is intended to help you use the product correctly and does not include any description of the product hardware and software configuration. For product configuration, please refer to the relevant contract (if any) and packing list, or consult your distributor. Pictures in the Manual are for reference only and the actual product may vary.

Protected by copyright laws and regulations, the Manual shall not be reproduced or transcribed in any way, or be transmitted on any wired or wireless network in any manner, or be translated into any language without the prior written authorization of Makeblock Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen).

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Please contact us if you find any inconsistency between the actual product and the description in the document during operation, want to get the latest information, or have any questions or suggestions.

Technical support:

NOTE: The above information may be subject to changes due to objective factors. Please refer to the latest release of Makeblock. If you use the internet or phone call to get our support, additional fees may apply.