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Engraving Comprehensive Test Chart

1.1 Open the new project on the Laserbox software

(The latest software is laserbox_v1.0.7

1.2 Put 3.5mm corrugated paper in the honeycomb board (note: stick with masking paper on the left and right upper parts of the corrugated paper) and close the cover of the laserbox machine (note that the engraving power is set to 10%~12%)

1.3 Import the “Comprehensive Test ” file as shown in the screenshot below;

1.4 Click the start button in the upper right corner and then click the “Send” button in the dialog box;

1.5 Press the laser circle light button as prompted by the dialog box, and the laserbox machine will start printing;

1.6 The effect after printing is shown in the figure below;