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MS-1.5A Servo

MS-1.5A Servo

The MS-1.5A servo is developed independently by Makeblock. Its dimensions are similar to common 9g servos.

Function comparison

  MS-1.5A servo Earlier 9g servos
Servo hub mounted before delivery Yes No
Supporting quick fitting Yes No
Compatible with Makeblock metal parts and Lego blocks Yes Yes, but adapter brackets required
Physical limit No (The circuits are redesigned to better protect the servo and thus ensuring longer service life.) Yes

Connection example


Dimensions (in millimeters)


With the latest technology in the servo industry, the MS-1.5 servo provides significantly improved performance. The following describes its specifications.

Electrical specifications (performance parameters)

Item 4.6 V 6.0 V
Operating speed (without load) 0.11 ± 0.01 sec/60° 0.10 ± 0.01 sec/60°
Operating current (without load) 270 mA ± 50 mA 380 mA ± 50 mA
Stall torque (when locked) 1.5 kg ± 0.30 kg·cm 1.8 kg ± 0.30 kg·cm
Stall current (when locked) 1200 mA ± 50 mA 1500 mA ± 70 mA
Idle current (when stopped) 4 mA ± 1 mA 4 mA ± 1 mA
Service life (without load) > 180 thousand times > 150 thousand times

Note: The servo operates without load when the average value of item 2 is defined.

Mechanical specifications

Item Specification
Overall dimensions See “Dimensions.”
Limit angle No
Weight Subject to the actual weight
Wire specification JST 2.54mm #30 PVC black-white-red
Wire length 260 ± 5 mm (connectors not included)
Horn specification 20T
Horn type N/A
Excessive play ≤ 1°

Control specifications

Item Specification
Control system N/A
Amplifier type N/A
Operating travel 180°± 5° (500 to 2500 µ sec)
Left-right travelling angle deviation ≤ 5°
Centering deviation ≤ 1°
Neutral position N/A
Dead band width N/A
Rotating direction Counterclockwise (500 to 2500 µ sec)
Pulse width range 500 to 2500 µ sec
Maximum travel About 180° (500 to 2500 µ sec)