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9g Micro Servo (Metal Gear)

9g Micro Servo (Metal Gear)

Makeblock 9g Micro Servo (metal gear) is a high-quality servo customized by Makeblock. It may be delivered assembled or unassembled in a pack, including the following four parts: 9g micro servo (metal gear), servo horn, screw, and servo holder.



Electrical specifications
Item 4.8 V 6.0 V
Operating speed (without load) 0.15±0.015 sec/60° 0.13±0.015 sec/60°
Running current (without load) 80±35 mA 90±35 mA
Max. load in operation 1.0±0.05kg·cm 1.1±0.1kg·cm
Stall torque (locked) 1.5±0.05kg·cm 1.8±0.1kg·cm
Stall current (locked) 680±40 mA 750±50 mA
Idle current (stopped) 6±1 mA 6±1 mA
Temperature drift (at 25°C) ≤5° ≤7°
Mechanical specifications
Overall dimensions See “Dimensions.”
Limit angle 180°±10°
Weight 13.5±0.5g
Connector wire gauge #28 PVC, black-red-white, plug: 2510-3P, white
Connector wire length 260±5 mm
Horn gear spline 40T
Horn type Double-arm
Reducation ratio 1/324
Excessive play ≤1°
Screw PM2×5 mm
Control specifications
Control system Changing the pulse width
Amplifier type Analog controller
Operating travel 180°±10° (600 to 2400 µ sec)
Left & right travelling angle deviation ≤7°
Centering deviation ≤1°
Neutral position 1500  µ sec
Dead band width ≤7  µ sec
Rotating direction Counterclockwise (1500 to 2000 µ sec)
Pulse width range 500 to 2500 µ sec
Max. travel About 190° (500 to 2500 µ sec)