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180 Optical Encoder Motor

180 Optical Encoder Motor


The 180 optical encoder motor is equipped with an optical encoder that enables high-accuracy control. With two M4 threaded holes on each of the three sides, it can be easily connected to Makeblock mechanical parts and thus can be used flexibly in combination with various other parts. The customized materials it uses reduce noise and promise large output torque. It supports multiple motor drivers and main control boards, such as Orion, MegaPi, MegaPi Pro, Me Auriga, and mBot2 Shield.

Electrical performance

Driving voltage 5V 7.4V
Rotational speed range 1–207 (RPM) 0–350 ± 5% (RPM)
Rotational precision ≤ 5°
Detection precision
Rotational torque 1500 g·cm Start torque: 5000 g·cm

Rated torque: 800g

Material of the output shaft Metal

Control performance

Turning Precise turning
Moving straight forward Deviation: ≤2%

Providing the command for moving forward XX mm

Functioning as a servo Supported

Angle control accuracy: ≤5°

Functioning as a knob Supported

Detection accuracy: 1°

Mechanical specifications

  • Reduction gear ratio: 39.6
  • Length of the output shaft: 9 mm