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Safety First (Important)

Safety First (Important)

General safety


  • It is recommended that users of this product be over 6 years old;
  • This product must not be used by children under 3 years of age;
  • Children should use this product when accompanied by an adult.

Electrical safety


  • Please use the recommended adapter (5V/1A adapter) to charge the product;
  • Please don’t connect the product to the power adapter which has higher voltage than recommended;
  • When cleaning the product with liquid, please turn off the product and disconnect it from the external power supply equipment;
  • Do not use or charge the product in an environment that exceeds the operating temperature range of the product.

Operational Safety


  • Please do not disassemble, repair or modify this product by yourself to avoid product malfunction;
  • Please do not place this product in water, fire, humidity or high temperature environment to avoid product failure or safety accident;
  • The adapter used to charge the product (not included in the package) cannot be used as a toy;
  • Please try not to place this product on the edge of a high place to avoid falling damage;
  • Regularly check the wires, plugs, shells or other parts for damage. If they are damaged, stop using them until they are repaired.