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  DIY with Codey Rocky


Combined with mBlock software, children can use Codey Rocky to create dot matrix animations, design small handheld games, and realize AI and IoT applications. They can also use Lego blocks to design various creative shapes and create a unique Codey Rocky.Through these cases, children can not only intuitively understand the meaning of each programming instruction, but also gain a sense of accomplishment brought by hardware creation.


                                                            Create dot matrix animations



With the IoT function of Codey Rocky, weather forecast can be easily realized!


                                                           Design small handheld games  



Interact with stage characters



Match with building blocks, play a new pattern!

 DIY with several Codey Rocky


Combined with mBlock software, several Codey Rocky can be like a team, the execution of neat uniform action, but also can perform their own duties, respectively complete their corresponding task, can also be connected through wireless, realize remote real-time online programming, let us enjoy more fun with Codey Rocky! If you want to learn more about the various programs, you can click here: Codey Rocky Education Pack-6 Robots


] Let Codey Rocky act together



How to Play with 2 Codey Rocky?



配合 Makeblock 蓝牙适配器,无线上传程序至小程!

With the Makeblock Bluetooth adapter, wireless upload program to Codey Rocky!


 DIY with Codey Rocky & Neuron Module


Combined with mBlock software, with a variety of Neuron Modules, let Codey Rocky suddenly become a small expert in life, easy to help us identify the corresponding household garbage; It can also become a smart car, smart parking space, etc., come quickly with your creative ideas to achieve all! For more information about Codey Rocky & Neuron, click here: Codey Rocky & Neuron Education Kit



Let Codey Rocky become a small life expert, help us to do intelligent identification of all kinds of garbage!




With the Neuron Module, make a real-time humidity detector!