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Codey Rocky-Classic Plane Fight Game

Codey Rocky-Classic Plane Fight Game


By: 樊飞  Translated by: 董梅香

Origin: Makeblock

Have you ever played a plane fight game? Let’s make this game with Codey Rocky


Product:   Codey Rocky

器材与软件:Device & Software

※mBlock5 PC版   mBlock 5 PC version

※程小奔   Codey Rocky



Write classic plane fight game with Python code

Implementation process:


  1. Download the attachment “Plane file” below the article;


2.Open mBlock 5 software, then open the python editor, paste the code into the python editor integrated in mBlock 5;


3.Connect Codey Rocky, then “Upload” to upload the code.



Tips: There is also a python api document in the  Download section, you can also try to change the effects (like sound effect) by modifying the code


经典飞机大战游戏-api文档    Api documentation for Classic plane fight game

📎飞机大战.py.txt 📎Plane