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mBlock 5 Extension Builder provides powerful functions. Its abundant configuration items allow you to develop various extensions. The configuration of extensions, however, may be too complicated for beginners.

Version update

To improve the experience of beginners, we provide an predefined Arduino template in version V1.3.2 to help them develop an Arduino extension more easily. The predefined Arduino template is developed based on the common development needs of Arduino extensions. It simplifies the process and configuration for developing an Arduino extension.

For details about how to use the Arduino template, see Default Arduino Template.

In the versions earlier than V1.3.2, you can develop device and sprite extensions for various hardware devices by configuring detail parameters. In V1.3.2 or later, this configuration mode is defined as using a Universal template.

For details about how to use the universal template, see Universal Template.

We will develop more templates for the development of common extensions to help developers develop extensions more easily.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, contact us.