Introducing Makeblock Codey Rocky

Smart robot for beginner coding and AI learning

Codey Rocky combines easy-to-use robotics hardware with block-based programming software. It guarantees that beginners can start coding within minutes by dragging and dropping blocks in mBlock. It also supports AI and IoT functionalities, which enables children to explore advanced technologies.

Courses and Curriculum

There are two curriculum developed for Makeblock Codey Rocky. Students’ book and teachers’ guide help teachers to launch a programming course even for the first time.

Codey Rocky Discovery

Codey Rocky Discovery (24 sessions): students can learn programming from basic level, understand events and sequences, loops, conditions, functions, variables. Advanced mastering of applications such as Game Design, Avoid Obstacles and a Line-Following Car.

Codey Rocky & Neuron Discovery

Codey Rocky & Neuron Discovery (34 sessions): students can learn programming logic, understand the principle and applications of sensors, and combine with Makeblock Neuron to make more creative works.

Easy for use

Codey Rocky can run several programs simultaneously. It makes coding easy, even if your idea is intricate. With six coding blocks in mBlock, you can for example program Codey Rocky’s facial expressions, motions, and sound effects at the same time. Codey Rocky is easy to assemble, allowing students to focus on turning ideas into reality with code. It is an ideal solution to large-class lectures on robot programming.

10+ advanced electronic modules

Equipped with over 10 electronic modules, including a sound sensor, a light sensor and an LED dot matrix display, Codey Rocky is a treasure trove of fun that plays music, follows light, mimics facial expressions and many more with easy coding, empowering children with the skills to turn their imagination into reality and experience the delight out of their achievement.

IR Transmitter/Receiver: makes communication with multiple robots possible and allows infrared remote control of electrical appliances. Gear Knob: adjusts volume and variables LED Display: shows various patterns and RGB lighting effects.
6-axis Gyroscope: detects tilts, shakes and turn angles, useful in designing somatosensory tricks which require tilts and shakes. RGB LED Indicator: can be programmed freely to set the color of the RGB indicator, making Codey Rocky even more fun and expressive. Voice sensor: detects ambient and motion sound levels.
Light sensor: detects the intensity of ambient light. Buttons: are all programmable for customization. Color Infrared Sensor: detects colors, avoids obstacles, calculate distance and enables cruising.

Learn AI and IoT for Data Science Education

With mBlock AI function including image and voice recognition as well as deep learning. Students can use Codey Rocky to learn about the logical thingking and principles behind AI, and interact with robots through games and hands-on activities.With built-in Wi-Fi, Codey Rocky can be quickly connected to the cloud to obtain data, or control a remote device using cloud message function.Students can also use the Data Chart function to work with data.

AI-Deep Learning-Play Rock Paper Scissors with Codey Rocky
IoT-Cloud Message-Send a Heart to Your Friend
Data Chart-Volume Curve

Codey Rocky

Designed for beginner coding and AI learning.

Codey Rocky Education Pack – 6 Robots

Designed for large-class teaching, each pack can engage 6-12 students.

Codey Rocky & Neuron Education Kit

Including 1 Codey Rocky and 3 Neuron blocks, this kit is designed for programming and maker education.