How to Teach STEAM Education in the Classroom

By:Makeblock • 2019-01-10

STEAM is incorporated into our day-to-day lives and forms the foundation for many jobs and professions all around the world. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, it is anticipated that STEAM occupations are going to grow by 10% from now until 2020. Additionally, learning STEAM can help hone problem-solving abilities and promote critical and creative thinking. With all these benefits, you will definitely want to start kids’ STEAM education at school. Here are a few things you can do to teach STEAM education better in the classroom with effective teaching tools, such as a coding robot.

coding robot

1.It’s Never Too Early to Start STEAM Education

You may be concerned that it’s too early for kids to start learning about STEAM. The truth is that, as a study shows, children reveal a clear readiness to participate in STEAM learning early in life. Researchers and educators also believe that both STEM, alone, and STEAM education can and should begin in childhood in order for young people to take full advantage of it. Therefore, it’s never too early (nor too late, of course) to learn STEAM subjects.

2.A Supportive Community with Rich Resources

It’s not difficult to imagine that in a community with a supportive environment and plenty of learning resources, kids are more likely to develop an interest in STEAM subjects and achieve more gains from early education. This community could be a classroom, a school, or your home. No matter where it is, building such a community enhances STEAM education tremendously.

coding robot

3.Use Innovative and Effective Teaching Tools

Nowadays, more people are using coding robots as an assistive method to teach kids STEAM in the classroom, and they have seen many benefits. First, coding robots provide hands-on experience. Kids are able to learn coding and programming while playing with these robots. More importantly, the real-world experience they gain from it will spark their creativity and curiosity. Also, kids can see the results of their hard work and get to improve it. By doing so, they are able to develop dedication to the quality of their work.

coding robot

Codey Rocky and mBot are two STEAM coding robots that are aimed at helping beginners learn programming.

Codey Rocky

It is a smart robot for beginner coding and AI learning. It combines software learning with hardware creation and helps kids understand commands intuitively and gain rewarding and fun experiences by interacting with the hardware part of it.

coding robot


mBot is another great STEAM education robot helping beginners learn robot programming. Compared with Codey Rocky, a built-out robotic product, mBot allows children to build a robot from Scratch, using a screwdriver and guided by detailed instructions.

coding robot

Besides the coding robots, it is also important to create a supportive and engaging STEAM learning community. We started our collaboration with Gratnells, a world-renowned classroom storage system, in November 2018, and will keep providing cutting-edge solutions for the global education market, hopefully turning each classroom into a STEAM education center.


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