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Ada Lovelace STEAM Challenge

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Portrait of Ada, Countess of Lovelace. 1995-796 courtesy of Science Museum Group.

Makeblock Education would like to thank all participants for their entries into the Ada Lovelace STEAM Challenge and congratulate the three winning entries!

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1st Place

Montessori Gemeinschaftsschule Berlin Buch

This project explores the history of the first code with the students designing sets from important moments of Ada Lovelace’s life. Scenes range from Ada creating her first mathematical drawings in her childhood bedroom to the ballroom where Ada meets Charles Babbages for the first time.

2nd Place


“The machine is not a thinking being, but merely an automation that acts according to laws imposed on it.” This Ada Lovelace quote inspired the team to think about the possibilities and ethical issues of AI-based systems.
The team illustrates that algorithmic systems can also be used against humans by having the debate about principles between Ada and her mentor take place in front of the image of an armed drone that is used to kill people.

3rd Place


The students re-created a day in the life of Ada Lovelace, featuring Ada, her father, Lord Byron, Ada’s teacher and Charles Babbage.