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mTiny Discover Kit

SKU: P1030157


Introduce computer science and 21st century skills to your early learners with mTiny Discover! mTiny Discover is a screen-free programming experience that will engage students in a fun, play-based learning experience. Learners will practice their computational and logical thinking skills through real-world, problem-based programming challenges. The core kit includes a fully interactive panda robot that can accurately navigate maps, read commands, and execute the coding card instructions. mTiny Discover can make music, draw shapes, and write letters and words! With the right curricula, mTiny Discover can be used to build students’ learning of social-emotional skills, linguistics, mathematics, and so much more. The mTiny Discover Kit includes access to our Getting Started Guide that gives you 14 easy lessons for getting started with mTiny right out of the box!

Hardware Features


Teach early computer science and 21st century skills through the coding cards and Tap Pen Controller – no screens required!

Social Emotional

Develop social emotional skills in your students through them interacting with a panda robot that expresses itself through sound, motion, and its big eyes.


mTiny Discover can draw shapes, letters, numbers, and words, making it a perfect companion for students to practice early literacy skills, mathematics, spatial awareness, and much more.

Programming mTiny Discover

The functionality of mTiny Discover’s Tap Pen Controller and the variety of coding cards included allow teachers to practice all four types of Computational Thinking. The coding cards are specifically designed to build students knowledge base in a screen-free, block-based environment. This will provide a foundation of success in similar online environments like Makeblock’s mBlock5 or MIT Media Lab’s Scratch 3.0.

The Tap Pen Controller can read and execute a single coding card, or the learner can put cards into a sequence and execute them as a single program.

The coding cards control the direction, sounds, eyes, the drawing marker, and how mTiny Discover interacts with the maps. The math function cards are included which allow students to iterate and build more efficient programs.

Further, the coding cards can meet beginner needs with the ability to execute single commands. They scaffold all the way up to the expert that wants to use loops and other math functions for algorithms.


Discover my World with mTiny Discover

The very best learning outcomes will come with the implementation of a full learning curriculum that supports the teachers in providing intentional learning experiences.

That is why Makeblock Education has partnered with Eduscape!

Eduscape is a social innovation company that develops and delivers exemplary professional learning solutions to the education market. They’re known best for their work with Google Classroom, ISTE certification, and STEAM pedagogy.

With the Discover my World Curriculum, teachers will get everything they need to intentionally teach coding, computational thinking, problem solving, and social-emotional skills within a framework of teaching best practices that positively impact student growth and learning.

The curriculum includes three units each specifically designed to build social-emotional skills starting with Exploring Community, moving to Discovering my Role, and finally on to Making my Mark.

Rest assured the lessons are intentionally meeting standards of instruction for State and National requirements in Computer Science, Math, Social Studies, CASEL, and United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

Unit 1 - Exploring Community with mTiny Discover

Students explore the concept of community with mTiny Discover. As they progress through the 5 lessons, they work on building their understanding of community and coding through a variety of real life contexts.

Unit 2 - Discovering my Role with mTiny Discover

Students explore their role in the community with mTiny Discover. They unpack the concept of roles and responsibilities at home and examples of how to help Our Common Home. Along the way, learners discover simple algorithms and explore sequences and loops.

Unit 3 - Making my mark with mTiny Discover

Students explore how they might make their mark with mTiny Discover. They combine skills learned in order to create a board game that teaches others how to take care of Our Common Home. Learners integrate mTiny Discover into the board game using the coding cards and a self-designed map. During the game, they practice computational thinking, strategies, the design process, coding, and more.

Teacher Resources

Ready to get started with mTiny Discover? Download the free Getting Started Activities Guide to become familiar with the functionality, materials, and the screen-free programming features.

Technical Specifications

Distance range within 10m (in open areas)
Map piece size 196x186mm (special scenario themed piece x 4
186x186mm(ordinary scenario themed piece x 20
Ages 4 +
Battery time 2.5h


Battery 1800mAh Li-Po
Input voltage 5V
Input current 1.5A
Output encoder motor x 2/1.5W Hi-Fi speaker/LCD
equipment eyes x 2/RGB LED x 8
Sensors OID sensor/6-axis motion sensor
Communication 2.4G Hz wireless

Tap pen controller

Battery 300mAh Li-Po
Input voltage 5V
Input current 270mA
Major OID sensor/6-axis motion sensor/double-axis
joystick/button x 2/LED indicator x 6
Communication 2.4GHz wireless

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