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mBlock can be accessed through the app, online browser or downloaded for the PC or MAC. Switching from block-based programming to Python or Arduino C is just one click away. At this level mBlock can be utilized with CyberPi.

mBlock 5 is ideal to teach the principles of programming for secondary education through the transition from block-based programming to text based programming.

Makeblock Education

High school prepares students to be independent in their future careers and helps them plan accordingly. High School students start thinking more abstractly, reason and express with complexity and understand consequences to actions.

Makeblock for high school fosters the development of critical thinking and problem solving. Students are encouraged to assume the role of innovator and entrepreneur. The range of products are ideal for hands-on project and inquiry based learning with the opportunity to expand into complex science and technology topics.

The Makeblock education design process is utilized to allow students to Understand, Explore and Visualise. This process allows all students the ability to access and fully engage with age appropriate curriculum expectations.

Makeblock Education Solution

Age range: 12 years old and up
Developmental Benefits: Computational thinking, Key concepts in programming, Initiative & Self Direction, Problem solving skills, Collaboration

CyberPi is a single-board computer fully packed with advanced electronic sensors, actuators and communication modules. It is one of the best tools for teaching Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Networks and the Internet of Things. In combination with our impressive mBlock coding editor, it supports Block-based coding language and the text-based programming language Python.

Makeblock Education strives to deliver solutions that foster a growth mindset in the next generation of problem solvers by developing 21st century skills in students around the world.

The education solutions for high school are ideal for progressing to and developing professional skills, such as entrepreneurship, critical thinking and textual programming with Python.

Getting Started Lessons
Text-Based Programming

Level 3 - Transition from Block-based to Python

Students explore CyberPi and mBlock …..

Level 4 - CyberPi MVP Course

Students continue to explore CyberPi and mBlock with a focus on text based programming with Python. Students explore the use of the Python syntax to create a range of programs within mBlock and to control CyberPi.

mBlock 5 is a one-stop programming platform designed for STEAM education for all ages and levels, supporting both block-based and textual programming languages.

Learn more about CyberPi

MakeX Starter

Age brackets 6-13 and 12-16

This beginner’s level competition equips participants with the necessary knowledge and skills of mBot and block-based programming. The competition engages students with a problem-driven approach. Utilizing various sensors and mechanical tools, participants need to collaborate to develop and create their team’s design. The participants develop a practical understanding of engineering, programming and problem solving.

MakeX starter is a fun and challenging competition that encourages a creative mindset, problem-solving skills and above all collaboration.

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