mTiny Discover Series

– P1030157 –

mTiny Discover Kit

– P5010084 –

mTiny World & Treasure
Extension Pack

– P5010085 –

mTiny Town & Grassland
Extension Pack

CyberPi & mBuild Series

– P1030156 –

CyberPi Go Kit

– P1030155 –

CyberPi Classroom Coding Pack
(4 in 1)

– P5010082 –

Pocket Shield

Codey Rocky & Neuron Series

– P1030093 –

Codey Rocky
Bluetooth Dongle Edition

– P1030046 –

Codey Rocky
Education Pack

– P1030020 –

Makeblock Neuron
Creative Lab Kit 2.0

mBot Series

– P1050015/P1010045 –

mBot Explorer Kit
mBot-S Kit

– P1010108 –

mBot STEAM Education Kit
Robot Science

– P1050020 –

mBot AI & IoT Robot Education Kit

– 90053 –

mBot Ranger Robot Kit
(Bluetooth Version)

– 90040 –

Ultimate Robot Kit V2.0

Educational Accessories

– P5010002 –

Wireless Dongle

For all makeblock bluetooth devices to connect to computers wireless, required for computer/web browser users in/out classrooms.
– CyberPi & mBuild Series
– Codey Rocky & Neuron Series
– mBot Series

– P5010002 –

Smart Camera Add-on Pack

A Pixy camera with built-in learning process that can be connected to various hardware.
– CyberPi & mBuild Series
– mBot Series
– Halocode

– P3090003 –

3.7V Li-polymer Battery

Rechargeable battery for devices that runs on 3.7V voltage.
– Halocode (does not charge the battery)
– mBot series (mCore, rechargeable)

Educational Digital Machines

– P1030156 –

Laserbox Pro
Smart Desktop Laser Cutter

– P1030131 –

mCreate 2.0
Smart Leveling 3 in 1 Machine

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