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Halocode Standard Kit

SKU: P1030065


Halocode is a single-board computer that integrates Computer Science education with the latest developments in technology for a rich hands-on learning experience. Its built-in Wi-Fi module allows for enhanced connectivity to experience the application of AI and IoT principles. Combine Halocode with the electronic sensors from mBuild open up a world of endless building and creativity.

Starting from block-based programming, the learning curve can progress all the way to Python programming in our mBlock platform.

Hardware Features


The built-in Wi-Fi module allows Halocode to connect to the internet, or create a Local Area Network, and exchange data between multiple devices or with the cloud, to create simple IoT applications, explore Data Science, and AI functions such as speech recognition and Machine Learning.


Let students create interactive projects by utilizing the various built-in sensors, to learn and practice their skills in an engaging way.

Processing Power

The powerful core of the Halocode supports multi-thread programming.

Programming & Compatibility

Students can program the Halocode with block-based and advance to the text-based language Python.

Halocode is compatible with the electronic modules from the mBuild series.

Technical Specifications


Core: Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor

240 MHz

Onboard memory

Flash ROM: 440k

RAM: 520K

Extended memory

SPI Flash 4MB





Micro-USB port

Onboard Components

12 RGB LED, Motion Sensor, Microphone, Button, 4 Touch Sensors (I/O pins)

Operating Voltage



45 mm diameter


10 g

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