Getting Started

Makeblock Education strives to make it easy to get started with our computer science and STEAM solutions in your classroom. We want educators to feel empowered to bring skill-based learning opportunities to all of their students, and give them the inspiration they need to imagine their unique futures!

What’s Included?

We want teachers and students to learn as they do! The activities are designed to introduce new skills while also learning the ins and outs of the hardware and software the solutions inlcludes.

Introduction to Hardware

Educators will get an understanding of Makeblock Education hardware through introductory activities and information.

Introduction to Programming

No matter if the hardware is screen-free or uses mBlock 5, educators and students will be onboarded to the programming language featured in the lessons. In most cases, sample programming files are also included.

Classroom Management

Educators will get an overview of each activity, reviewing the time needed, agenda, and what students are expected to learn. There is also suggestions for assembling student working groups.

Getting Started Lessons

mTiny Discover

mTiny Discover Getting Started Activities have been developed for our first screen-free robot, mTiny. This curriculum guide has been designed to help educators learn, plan, and implement joyful robotics activities in early years settings.


CyberPi Getting Started Activities give an introduction to our feature-rich micro-controller with buttons, a full-color screen display, and built-in sensors. With three sets of activities at different ability levels, you can set up your middle and high school students for success!

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