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Informal educational experiences can be transformative for young minds. It is where students often feel like just kids and are allowed to explore, try, and fail in a non-threatening, low-stakes environment surrounded by friends. Every student should have access to high quality informal educational experiences where they can test what they have learned and go further than the classroom time allows. Makeblock Education Affiliates are masters of creating these learning environments with our products.

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Our Education Affiliates

TechTerra Education

TechTerra Education is a company with a global reach and an urgent mission – STEM Literacy for All. The company finds the most innovative tools for teaching and learning across the globe, supports developers in understanding classroom fit for STEM tools, builds STEM tool curriculum, provides professional development in STEM and makerspaces, and offers STEM programs. Susan S. Wells, an educator, innovator and pioneer in the field of digital learning, innovative learning spaces and makerspace design and development, is the founder of TechTerra Education.

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